Current Projects

Nutrition Rights Programme

Project : Moving towards institutionalization of Community monitoring and action related to ICDS services, to promote adequate child nutrition in Maharashtra

Duration : 1st February 2017 to 31st January, 2018

(First phase – 1st November, 2012 to March 2016)

The programme strives to make nutrition services accountable and responsive, through community based monitoring and planning, generation of appropriate knowledge and reshaping relevant policies and programmes. The programme was implemented by a consortium of civil society organizations and SATHI was the nodal agency for the programme responsible overall coordination and monitoring

Institutionalization of the emerging model of Community accountability and participation, for improving child nutrition in Maharashtra

1. Strengthening the discourse on the CBMA approach for nutrition related services at national level, contributing to its greater institutionalization and generalization
2. State level institutionalization of CBMA-ICDS process in tribal areas, along with civil society influencing key policy areas related to Child nutrition in Maharashtra
3. Systematic documentation of the CBMA-ICDS process in Maharashtra, with focus on the positive impacts and success stories
4. Consolidation and continuation of CBMA-ICDS activities in existing urban areas (Nagpur and Mumbai) while developing institutionalization of this approach in urban areas
5. Development of key elements of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) based feedback system related to child nutrition services in the state, while moving towards its adoption by concerned departments in the state.

Key Activities of the project –
  • Organize consultation at state and national level for consensus building about Community Based Monitoring of ICDS.
  • Advocacy with Women and Child Development department, Tribal Development Dept. and Health Dept. for institutionalization of CBM of nutrition services.
  • Develop components of an ICT based feedback system (Voice messaging and SMS surveys) concerning child nutrition services, and advocating for its adoption by concerned departments in the state.
  • Build partnerships with Government, UNICEF and other organizations and institutions involved in this issue.
  • Research and documentation of the project process and other policy issues pertaining to advocacy.

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Anusandhan Trust

Anusandhan Trust, a public trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, (Registration No: E-13480), runs two centres namely: CEHAT based in Mumbai and SATHI in Pune.

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